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Small Pulley Carabiner

Small Pulley Carabiner


*Products Name : Small pulley Karabiner ( Roll HK UP)。

*Item No: NHK-301 2T (TWIST Type)      *Weight :190g。

*Body Break Strength : 30Kn(6744LBS)。 *Open Distance: 20mm。

*Rope Size :7mm - 12mm. (Advice)。      *Small Pulley Width : 15mm。

*1Material :AL 7075 *2.3.4Gate Strength : 7 kN (1574LBS)

*4, Rivet : Material is by SUS 304 Strength: 77 kN (1574LBS)

*BLength: 147mm *AWidth : 80mm。

*5Small Pulley Work Load :2 x 2 = 4 kN , (Both side)

*Material :AL 7075。

*Use High efficiency pulley bearing, efficiency is 85%。

*Gate type : Auto Lock :


 3.SCREW GATE , Three Kinds for your choose。 

*Location : Made in Taiwan。

*Certification: EN12275 & EN12278 & CE™

*Designed for use with Ascension hand risers

  • Rope guide point for short distance ascent.。 Easy to handle and install。
  • The pulley is mounted on a sealed ball bearing with excellent efficiency:
  • Gate opening on the non-pulley side for easy installation on the device:
  • Key lock system prevents accidental hooking of carabiner when the pulley is installed in place。