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  • Horizontal Injection Molding machine

Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

Direct Hydraulic Clamp Injection Molding Machine

Hydraulic Clamping Unit:

  • Equipped with Hydraulic Clamping system results less Mechanical Wearing.
  • Equipped with Independent Hydraulic Circuits for Clamping and Injection, Marvelous Molding repeatability, Easy Molding setting and less Maintenance.
  • Equipped with Wide Rigid Platens and Long ejector stroke, Most suitable for special Molding.


Plasticizing Unit:

  • With Double Injection Cylinder Design for stable Design.
  • With Optimum Screw L/D ratio for the best Plasticizing.
  • Choice of Size of Screw for a variety of Processing needs.


Control Unit:

  • With smooth and trustable PC Controller.
  • With Easy Setting of Molding condition.
  • With Helpful software supports quick setting condition.
  • Complete information to Molding conditions can be saved.
  • Capability of Printed report and SPC Quality control.